"Worthy Of Two Drawers."

So after living across two cities for the past year and a half, The Husband and I decided we needed to actually invest in some new furniture for the Boston apartment. Specifically, we needed a dresser.

We've been shoving our clothes in some stacked baskets in the closet here. But now that we are each spending more time in both cities, we needed an actual dresser to hold what we keep here. So we went to the place where we seem to buy all of our Boston furniture - West Elm - and selected a dresser...

Simple. Contemporary. The only drawback was that it has six drawers.

"I can get by with six drawers," I informed him. "No more keeping my crap on the floor and over-flowing baskets."

"Whoa!" he halted my thinking. "You can't take all six drawers. I get at least two."

"TWO?" I screeched at him. "That's indulgent! Why should you get two whole drawers? You only need one."

He smiled.

"I plan to spend more time here," he explained. "I'll need two. I'm worthy of it."

Fair enough. But he shouldn't be surprised if he finds my socks shoved in one of his drawers.