Bikram Is My Botox.

There are many things I am grateful to my Bikram practice for these days... (Healthy spine. Stronger legs. Peaceful balance in certain poses. Heart-racing cardio effects in others. Insane energy. Wonderful sleep. Just to name a "few.") But the thing that I am most vainly grateful for lately is...


In the past month, since starting my challenge, I have been carded a few times trying to buy alcohol. In addition to that, I have been referred to as "young lady" by people younger than me. AND THEY WERE SERIOUS, PEOPLE!

This is all due to the Bikram. I shit you not, people. (I needed the profane language for you to understand how serious I am. Did it work?)

All that sweating and heat... And the higher intake of water... It works wonders on my almost 36-year old skin. I have a nice glow outside of class. And because the practice helps lull me to sleep at night, no dark circles under the eyes.

Though... While I have the youthful skin, my hair is a bit of a mess and takes some extra effort.  This is what I look like after class...

Wonderful dewy skin...  Ragged hair. Takes a ton of conditioner. And I've been known to slather coconut oil in it to make it calm the hell down.

But you can always replace your hair with a wig, extensions, and all kinds of conditioning treatments and blowouts. You can't replace your skin.

You can shove it with needles full of poison to plump it out and get facelifts though. But I'd rather sweat it out in Bikram and get the natural effect.