Day 51: The Halfway Point.

Technically, it's Day 52 in my Bikram 101 Challenge. But because of the blizzard two weeks ago, I am still one class behind. I still have a double to pull to make it up. But this was not the week to try that...

For I am detoxing like crazy!

Oh yes... The body starts to do weird things to you when you get to this many classes in a row. And it be a little overwhelming. What I'm experiencing now:

  • Sensitivity to caffeine. I bought a drip coffee machine the other day. And I used to be able to drink a cup or two before bed and fall right to sleep. Now though, it keeps me awake. Wide awake. I haven't been this sensitive to coffee since university.
  • Coughing. I thought I was coming down with a cold the other day in class. I couldn't stop coughing. But I was fine - mostly - outside of class. This happened at training to people too. You wake up one day, and BAM! You have a random cold. And then it disappears a day or two later. It's the body's way of getting some inflammation out. But it definitely affects other students to practice around you.
  • Sweet things! I was eating a cookie yesterday, and I got two bites in when I decided, "This is too sweet!" And I had to stop eating it. I couldn't handle the taste of it. And sadly, it was a Girl Scout cookie! Who doesn't love those? Who has the willpower to stop eating those mid-cookie???
  • Wheat. Oh good lord! My body really does not like wheat right now. At all. In any form. I think this is a large reason for the coughing. I knew three years ago that I have an intolerance to wheat and certain other foods I love. But I still eat them. Nothing like going through a challenge to have your body decide, "EFF YOU! You will NOT eat that piece of bread!"
  • Emotional Highs. Emotional Lows. I have had far more emotional highs in this challenge than lows. But emotions do start to fly out of your mind.
  • The Heat. The room just can NOT be hot enough lately. This entire week... Here in Boston even! It's so cold! I mentally freak out when the door is open. "It's too cold!"
This is just all part of the process. At least in my experience it is.

But looking to my practice and how it has changed at this halfway point...
  • Front-side Compressions. These are still tough for me. Specifically on the right-side.  Left-side compressions? No problem. But ask me to do Standing Head to Knee, Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee or Rabbit poses? Forget it. My body does not like doing the two former on the right side or the last one at all.
  • Bow Pose. Holy crap! I can actually DO this posture now! I'm not seeing toes over my head... But I couldn't even stomach this posture, ever. This is progress!
  • Back Bends! Whether part of Half Moon, Standing Bow, Camel or the Spine-Strengthening Series... I am going more deeply than ever before in my practice! This is amazing. And so, so wonderful.
  • Balancing! Standing on one leg... Nothing pleases me more now. I have MASTERED the locked knee. Though, that was never really a problem. It was the holding of the posture on top of the locked knee. My balance has returned! I hadn't seen it since BEFORE training. 
So things are coming along. I'm sure I will be through this detox phase in the next week. And it's clear that I have to actively change my diet now. My body just isn't going to tolerate certain things. And it's time to start finding the hottest spot in the room.