Dream: Riding A Bus & A Rocking Chair.

My nocturnal visions had died down over the past few weeks, which is odd given how much yoga I have been doing. But last night I had a dream I finally could recall when I woke up this morning.

I was riding in a bus. One of those big ones down the freeway. I was in the front right seat, with the driver to my left. We were driving steady in thick traffic, which I found annoying... But the driver decided to gently ease his way around traffic by driving off of the road and into the grass. 
"Why am I riding in a bus, given all the crazy accidents that happen?" I asked myself in the dream. I trust the driver in his new path, but am still cautious.
The dream then morphed... And I found myself sitting a rocking chair. A bunch of guys came up and tried to take the chair away from me. We struggled over it, with me calmly telling them it was mine first.

Then I woke up.

The Bus Dream was pretty obvious a take on my frustrations with career, I think. Being on a bus represents me "going along" with things, but being annoyed by all the traffic (things that bore/frustrate me).  Driving off into the grass represents a new path that would be worth considering.

The rocking chair represents "ease" in life. Relaxation. That it was attempting to be stolen from me represents an identity crisis. Clearly I am trying to be at ease with this break I am taking, but can't get comfortable with it.