Masculin et Feminin... C'est parfait!

Praying that not all of the Marc Jacobs A/W RTW collection takes off in the coming months.  

See, the fashion I am fine with completely. How could I not be? I love everything this man does. But the mullets styled on his models in the show?

Yeah, not so much.

The clothes though... I am infatuated with these pieces!

This selection is very "Hitchcock" in nature, similar to his Marc by Marc show the other night. But this one in the Pantone "Color of the Year" - Emerald. The mullet does give it an edge.  I suppose.

The gloves in this one... I love the gloves.

Oh this coat... Roomy and warm. The deep V collar is very flattering. I love the shape of the whole thing. Imagine a gorgeous feminine and curve-hugging pencil skirt underneath this over-size wool heaviness... Very masculine!

And speaking of "masculine"...

This one is all about the vest for me. I am infatuated with the idea of owning a three-piece suit. And I have fantasized for about three years now about having one made. 

I love androgynous pieces on women. Masculin et Feminin... C'est parfait!

Perhaps I should consider a restyling of my long locks into something more masculine?