Time To Get That Living Will Done?

I got married young, in my mind. (Engaged at 25. Married at age 27. This is young.) However, despite getting married on the younger side, I did my due diligence. I asked the right questions of both myself and my husband, Human, before we got engaged.

Do you want kids?

  • Him: Yes. 
  • Me: No way in hell. Then that changed to "YES!" Then circled back to "No way in hell." Now it's at, "If God wants it to happen, she'll make it happen. I ain't forcing anything."

Where do you want to live? 

  • Both of us: Oh dear God... Not NYC. (We were living there at the time.) 
  • Me: BOSTON sounds good. Then his work moved us to Toronto. Which is lovely. But I love Boston more. (Thus, why we split our time between the two. Though I could always be a horrible wife and DEMAND he move here with me. But I don't believe in ultimatums. And he is a wonderful human being and hasn't forced on one me. So I consider myself vert lucky.)

What are your political leanings?

  • Him: Fiscally conservative. Socially liberal (for the US). 
  • Me: Me too! I also add in, "Don't be a mean asshole." 

What religion will you want to raise the children (if you have any) in? 

  • Me: Well, my parents exposed me to different religions as a child and let me choose. And I believe religion is purely a personal choice. I would let them choose what they wanted to believe... As long as they are a good person and their religion (if they choose to follow one) teaches them to be compassionate and know the difference between right and wrong. 
  • The Husband: Yeah. Sounds good to me.

And these are just the basic questions. The "biggies." Or so I thought.


This article now has me realizing there is a whole realm of shit that I never thought to ask. Stuff that is of extreme importance. And the most important of them all?

If you become a zombie, do you want me to shoot you?

I have no idea what The Husband's answer is going to be.  But I've watched enough zombie films and The Walking Dead to know that my answer to that question is...

Oh freaking hell yes!

In fact, it is this exact question that has me finally prioritizing getting that living will done. Because I don't want any freaking grey area in this matter.

I just want a bullet IN my grey matter.

(This blog post serves as a public record of my stance on the issue of what happens in the event that I am bitten by a zombie and start to turn. I would like to be shot just before I turn.)