Valentine's Day? Try AWKWARD Day!

I am a silly person by nature. However, I lack a passion for the silly holiday that is Valentine's Day. I think it is because it formed into an awkward day for me very early on in life.

Awkward V-Day One
I got my first real Valentine in the third grade. His name was Phoenix. He gave me Strawberry Shortcake stickers and asked to take me to see a movie. Being in the third grade, and having no interest in boys yet... I turned him down. The stickers in the movie. Not sure how he took it, as when he gave them to me and asked me out, I just turned and ran away. (Yes, this all shook down on the playground.)

Awkward V-Day Two
The second Valentine I got was a long-stemmed red rose was delivered to my classroom by the mother of a boy in another class. All it read on the rose's card was:

To: Heather Molina
From: L.G.

Though I was two years older, I still didn't know how to accept a gift from a boy. I was a little shy. So I never acknowledged the gift from him. Though, he did go on to become my first puppy love boyfriend a year later... But we never talked about the rose he sent me.

Awkward V-Day Three
Fast-forward to high school, Freshman year... I was better at talking to boys. I had just started talking to a boy in my Algebra I class a few weeks earlier. And we had eaten lunch together a few times, starting to establish a courtship. But that ended on Valentine's Day... Which is when he chose to tell me, "I'm moving tomorrow. Back to Virginia."

I was confused. He had known about this for months. And he had never bothered to mention it? Well that crushed (temporarily) my little heart.

Awkward V-Day Four
Two years later, I had a real boyfriend. He was away at university, but had come back the weekend before the big day to take me to dinner. For some reason, he had gotten a little distant with me in conversation. We had been dating nearly a year, and a few weeks prior we had been having so much fun. But it came to a halt right around Valentine's Day, where at dinner he decided to suggest that we "start to think of each other more as friends." I was confused and asked if he wanted to break up - as I would understand that. He said, "Oh no. I just want us to be more like friends. That's all."

Well, as you can guess, this was just a prelude to our breakup. Which happened a month later ON OUR ANNIVERSARY. It wasn't a surprise to me, but I had wished he had done a better of of not leading me on after Valentine's Day. But you can't really fault a guy's inability to know how to gracefully exit a situation at that age.

After this, I pretty much just stopped celebrating the day. I'm all for a dinner. But the whole expectation of romance, passion and all that jazz...  I just don't buy it. It just leaves you prepared for a big let down. As far as I am concerned, Valentine's Day is a day to just spend more money on stuff you could get much cheaper any other day of the year.

Though, I do love Valentine's Day Conversation Hearts. And I wouldn't turn down champagne and a movie today. (The Husband is in Canada though.)