What Is This "Missus Carter" Shiz?

Dear Bey,

You are fabulous. You are sexy. You are gorgeous. Your hair. Your legs. Even your alleged pregnancy that produced Blue Ivy. You can sing the shit LIVE out of the National Anthem. You are always looking more FINE that any other celebrity out there. You are even more of a perfectionist than my other superstar role model, Madonna.

But Bey... I have an issue.

What is this shit?

"Mrs. Carter?" 

What the fuck? In case the memo missed your email inbox... You're BEYONCE FUCKING KNOWLES. You can do NO wrong... And even when it is alleged that you do (backing track at the inaugural performance), you correct that impression and show what the reality is.

And the reality is that you are amazing.

I'm sorry. No disrespect, Ms. Beyonce Knowles... I just think.. Well.. If anything... It should be "Mr. Beyonce Knowles." (Though, for the public record that is Wikipedia, it is Shawn Knowles-Carter... A start!)

Respectfully and Lovingly Always Your Admirer,
The Missus  (---> Ironic, I know. But that's why I chose that handle!)

P.S. "Who run the world? GIRLS!"