"Your Lack Of Fashion Interest Is Frightening Me."

It's been a while since I actually got into the whole Fashion Week thing across the major cities. Fear not... This sartorial enthusiast certainly views the coverage! But commenting and posting on what I see? Not so much.

I've mostly been un-enthused by what I've seen for a few seasons. And it shows in my closet. Perhaps I'm getting "set in my ways," in terms of my personal style? As in, "It doesn't matter what the trends are anymore. I know what I like, and I'm sticking with it."

I've always been part bohemian, part punk, and part classic with my taste.  If I had to break it up percentage wise, I would say:

  • 50% Bohemian
  • 15% Punk
  • 35% Classic

But my lack of enthusiasm came to a bit of a head yesterday. My best friend is out of the country and was in need to new shoes, as hers unexpectedly broke while traveling.

"Time to get new ones!" she said.

Trying to think of where she should go and what she could find overwhelmed me. I hadn't seen anything worthy of purchasing in quite a while.

"Can't you just take the broken ones to the hotel cobbler and have them fixed?" I asked.

She was confused. Why would I not be on board with the procurement of new ones?

"Your lack of interest is scaring me!" she said. She was was worried that I had fallen and hit my head.

I explained to her how unmotivated to buy anything I had been for about a year now.

"If you love what you have, just fix it," I said.

We were clearly in two different places on the matter. She had seen plenty she loved and would be happy to buy. And was delighted to finally have an excuse to indulge. I, on the other hand, saw it as a a need for emergency resuscitation of the fallen (shoes).

Things looked bleak, as I started to realize that I had been uninspired sartorially for a while. Then I received my own round of CPR and was revived.  By this...

Marc by Marc Jacobs A/W 2013 Collection

Very Hitchcock ("Classic") and 70s Disco Queen ("Bohemian")!

Love. Love. Love. The hair. The lips. The colors. If I ever do go back to work, I have found my new office style inspiration!