Communal & Bohemian.

There is quite a bit of difference between our Toronto home and our Boston home.

When I decorated the Toronto home, since it was the first place The Husband and I had ever owned, we were afraid to venture into decorating it and truly making it of our own taste. It was the fear, "Well, what if something needs to happen and we need to sell it? Best not to make too many changes."

We even feared painting rooms; that's how superstitious we were.

Well, it's nearly four years later... And we're now at a place where we are comfortable with making changes to the house. Only cosmetic, of course. But now we talk about ripping up carpet... Painting rooms... Most of them.  And the one thing I badly want done: replace the awful carpet on the stairs.

But even as I consider decorating ideas for the Toronto place, I don't allow my heart to truly venture into my personal preferences. My taste tends to run slightly "Bohemian." Whereas The Husband's is Classic and a bit Formal. So to get my creative tastes out, I use the Boston apartment as my outlet. And today, I finally got something I have been craving for a while now...

A communal dining table made from reclaimed wood, courtesy of West Elm.

I know... I know... My whole apartment, it seems, is West Elm. But they make amazing pieces!!!

I can't wait to start having dinner parties here. The table is comfy and inviting. And sitting at it now, I can easily peer out onto Tremont Street.

I think I've found my new work place for when I am at home.