I Too Am Solar-Powered.

This is where I spend most of my afternoons these days.  Well, actually, since last September - when I wasn't traveling...

The thing I like best about my home office in Boston versus my home office in Toronto is the amount of light I get. The triple exposure my brownstone apartment gets to the world is a blessing, one for which I am very grateful. Light makes it easier to tolerate the winters. 

For a good portion of my time at my last job, I sat in dark spaces. But most of us did. We were located in a very dark, very old building. For some reason, exposure to natural light wasn't much of a concern when they were designing spaces. On top of that, there was a good amount of time where we were locked away in meeting rooms with stuffy air, fluorescent lighting and laptop screen glares. So, sitting in bad lighting and recirculated air...

And we wonder why people gripe about work?

Anyhow... Light is critical to every process in my life. Even sleep. (The "absence of light" is specifically needed for that to happen.) Light perks us up and recharges us! I took for granted growing up in Arizona, where it is sunny nearly every day of the year. But now, there are many moments where both The Husband and I fantasize about packing everything in ad both relocating to Arizona. (FYI: That is the plan eventually. But not for at least another 10-ish years.) We know how essential light is to our every existence.

For me, it's been very helpful with creativity. While I am working through my anxiousness of retiring (I'm getting there - though it's hard not to constantly pull the "job trigger" when you've been programmed otherwise since graduating high school), the lightness that enters my space each day nourishes my mind. And the bright colors reflected off of my workspace pull me even more deeply into the stories that are sleeping within me. Not all of them are stories that need to be told. Most aren't, actually. But they play out in my mind and carry my imagination to new places.

Sometimes, absurd places... :) But it's nice to be going places. Well-lit places.