Lululemon Yoga Pants: Sheer Conspiracy?

I'm a sucker for conspiracy theories. I don't always believe them. But I LOVE hearing them and coming up with them.

This is what happens when you have an overactive imagination.

Anyway, everyone from my trainer to Bail's husband (at dinner last night) brought up the "Lululemon sheer yoga pant" news.

"Have you seen these pants? They sound awesome.""Do you own any? Don't wear them when we train.""You have to do the bend-over test to verify if you bought some! HA!" (The Husband told me this one.)
I definitely don't have any of these pants, as I have not purchased anything from the store since March 1st. But when I heard this story, I found the whole thing hilarious... At first. I mean, it would be difficult not to. Who wants to potentially be showing off their underwear (or lack of underwear) while working out or in yoga class?

"Oh. Wait. Most of the people who buy these things have never been to a hot yoga class, where we wear pretty skimpy clothing already," I thought to myself. "It's unlikely anyone I know would be affected by this."

And that's where my mind had left it on this whole "debacle." Until dinner last night with The Husband, Bail, and her husband Whale.

"Don't you find it interesting," Bail asked my husband, "that Lululemon announces this massive issue affecting 17% of their inventory and then three days later announce that they are likely going to be missing their fiscal earnings as a result?"

Lululemon's fiscal year ends March 31st. They issued a release about earning expectations in advance of that fiscal end. Which, could be argued, is just "good manners." Let the public know, "This sheet yoga pant disaster... It's eff-ing up our earnings! So be prepared we won't meet what we said we would do, stock holders!"

But what Bail was theorizing, and The Husband found interesting, is that the timing of everything is so close. Maybe "too close?"

"So," I said, "You are saying that as they are winding down their Q4, they were seeing that they were going to miss earnings. And took what was a 'minimal' problem, blew it up to create noise so that they could use that as their reason for missing earnings?"

It was a very intriguing idea. And, in my opinion, not unlikely to happen. Companies do things like this all the time. It's not really far-fetched that what was a potential problem gets blown out to cover up something else. Distractions.

I mean, has anyone seen photos of these sheer pants?

Of course, I could be wrong and just letting my imagination run away. But I would be curious to know if anyone out there bought these pants and has returned or plans to return them for the refund.