Yes, The Proportions Are Off. It's "Fun."

About a year and a half ago, I took a trip to Asia. While in Phuket, Thailand, I picked up some pretty fabric while street shopping.

I had no idea what to do with it at the time. I just knew it was pretty, and that I would find a purpose for it eventually. The blue mixed with the gold was to gorgeous to pass up.

Well, the fabric has been sitting on a shelf in my apartment here in Boston. I've used it as a background for a bulletin board. I toyed with the idea of turning it into pillows. I even thought about going "pedestrian" with it and using it as a tablecloth.


So after staring at it in the sunlight this afternoon, and realizing that despite the sunshine I was a bit chilly, I folded it and wrapped it around my neck.


I walked into the bedroom to show The Husband. He laughed and said that the proportions were "off."

"Yes," I explained. "That's one of the things that makes it fun. Who wants a simple boring average-sized scarf to wrap around them? Use a blanket! Use a large shawl! Use a chunk of fabric!"

He rolled his eyes. But he's conservative with his style. I don't expect him to understand.