Best Spa Experience In Boston. Possibly Ever.

A birthday treat!

My friends, Frogger and Bail, planned an awesome belated birthday celebration for me... An evening at the Mandarin Oriental in Boston.


We started off at the spa with an hour of hanging out in the ladies lounge of the spa. I used the Crystal Steam room, laying about for a good 20 minutes. Frogger was surprised I stayed in there for so long. But I pointed out that the last Bikram class I took, the room was 111 degrees BEFORE class began. So the steam and heat coming from the room and fogging up the lights behind the crystals was quite enjoyable. Afterwards, I sat in the Vitality pool for 10 minutes.

Sitting. Soaking up the oxygen in the water. It was divine.

A quick shower in pulsing lights and a rainfall shower... And I was ready for my 80 minute massage, which was wonderful. And the spa surprised me with some birthday treats afterwards.

Heaven. It was the best spa experience I've ever had. (And I've had lots of them.)

Afterwards, the ladies took me to dinner at Asana, the restaurant downstairs in the Mandarin. To celebrate, we got TWO bottles of wine!


Thanks much, ladies! It was a great birthday!

Now, though, I don't think I can ever go to another spa in Boston. This may be the only one I ever go to.