Duplicating Life.

Living between two cities for the past year and a half has largely been a positive experience.

There were some things that The husband and I needed to get used to, in order to make this bi-city living work.

  • Face Timing or Skyping every night.
  • Setting up two homes complete with furniture and other creature comforts.
  • Getting used to flying every other week. (We rarely go more than a week and a half without seeing each other.)
  • Learning how to coordinate flights from two cities for when we meet up on vacations.
  • Keeping the plants in each house alive. (This is more an issue for him than me.)
  • Setting up wardrobes and personal items in both cities.

It's the last one that has become the most effortless of all the things in the above list. Nowadays, when I head to the airport (what seems like) every other Friday morning at 5:45am, this is all I take.

Yep. One big bag, filled mostly with...

  • iPad
  • Macbook Air
  • iPod Shuffle
  • iPhone
  • Magazine (to read on take-off and landing)
  • Sunglasses
  • Eyeglass case
  • Contacts (I wear my glasses when I fly into Canada because my irises are scanned at a Nexus machine, allowing me to enter without having to go through customs.)
  • Notebook & Pen (Pen is swiped from the Mandarin Oriental in Boston. They have the BEST pens.)
  • SK-II Hydration Masque
  • Hand cream

Where is the makeup? Where are the clothes? What about other toiletries? What about a power cord and chargers for the Macbook and other Apple products?

Don't need them. I have them all duplicated up in the Toronto house. And the husband has his stuff duplicated in the Boston apartment.

Jeans... Personal items and makeup... Underwear... Workout and yoga clothes... Nice work shirts/clothes... Nespresso machine... Yes. We've got duplicate sets of it all.


Because living a about two and half hours away from each other (door-to-door) is much easier than you might think, especially when you don't have to haul a suitcase or heavy bag with you. And especially when you prioritize seeing each other close to every weekend.  Doing this set-up form NYC didn't work well for both of us though. The Husband hated NYC. It was too chaotic for him. And Newark airport was a pain to get in and out of every other week.

Boston, however, suits us both quite well. And establishing residences with everything we need in both places... Makes this a very effortless and enjoyable set up.