Healthy Dish For The Weak: Quick & Easy High-Protein Filet.


One of my inspirations from a Bikram teaching, health and fitness and - let's face it, pursuing your dreams in general - is Michelle MacDonald from Your Healthy Hedonista.

As I referenced, Michelle is a fellow Bikram teacher. She is also a competitor in yoga and body-building competitions. Michelle is also a professional chef. She used to teach in Boston, where I first met her many years ago as a Bikram teacher. (Her classes were MUY CALIENTE!!!!) Now she lives in Montreal, and spends her day teaching, practicing, training and coming up with awesome recipes... Like this one for a pan seared filet with mushrooms, balsamic and butter.


I've made it twice. And it couldn't be simpler. Or more delicious. And it packs about 30 grams of protein.  Check out the recipe over on her blog. (And in case you find yourself wondering, you can find rendered duck fat at Whole Foods in the fridges by the butchered meat section.)

Beautiful and delicious!