I'm Still In My PJs, Eating Bacon.

It is rainy and glum out. And a bit chilly. And it's after 11am and I am still in my PJs.

Clearly I am finally adapting to taking time off!

Well, I am doing consulting stuff in my own time. So it's really more like "working on my own schedule." And today, with the grey day, I am taking full advantage of it. Here is how I intend to spend my day...

Magazines. A book about gypsy travel. Lots of coffee. Writing (my own stuff) and working on my laptop (consulting stuff for Mr. Sports)... All while perched at my table.

Days like this are needed. They're usually when I am the most productive. I'm "trapped" inside, and have plenty of coffee and espresso. I even have bacon. And ice cream. The necessities!!