Silliness = Success?

"Happy April Fool's!" was the subtext of my post-Chinese food fortune cookie's message.

But in reality, here is what it really said...

Well, I sure hope so... Because I see plenty of "silly" everywhere I look lately. And I am hoping it takes me far.

But I guess that is really up to me. Because success is about managing expectations... Mostly your own. So in light of this, I will now consider the following marks of a successful day in my life:
  1. I wake up before 10am.
  2. I get through the afternoon with only a 20 minute nap.
  3. I make it to yoga or the gym. (Double "I get to have two glasses of wine!" points for making it to both in one day!)
  4. I don't eat carbs. (But drinking them is fine.  See bullet three above.)
  5. I don't drink carbs (again, bullet three...) before 5pm. On weekdays. On weekends, after 10am is acceptable (brunch).
  6. I remember to take my vitamins.
  7. I don't take an email from a recruiter, as I'm supposed to be "on a break!". (My instinct is to work. I panic easily.)
  8. I limit caffeine to only four cups of coffee.
  9. I remember to drink water.
These are pretty steep. But I'm gonna try really hard to be a success, and make those who love me proud. Plus, these are all "silly," right?