Fixations: May 2013 - Androgynous Chic.

Looking at my pinning on Pinterest and the pages I have dog-eared in magazines over the past month, it's clear I am feeling a Masculin et Feminin vibe. If I am not going for a Bohemian look with my clothes (think tunics, peasant blouses, leather gypsy sandals), chances are I am channeling an androgynous mix of men's inspired pieces with something girlie.

I've also become a bit obsessed with starting my day drinking a deep cup of coffee and reading a magazine. Before I meditate in the morning, I get the coffee maker going. Then I sit down with my headphones on and empty my mind with sticky thoughts for a few moments. After, I grab my cup and open my book of a magazine.

So here are my fixations from the past month (though, admittedly, some of them I have been fixated on for years).

Gucci Horse-Bit Loafers

Classic preppy.

Chuck Taylors

My first pair came to me when I was 10, and in the fifth grade. They were hightop in turquoise. And I wore them everywhere and with everything. Even to Mass on Sundays with a feminine skirt and top. (If I wasn't wearing them, I was likely wearing my calf-high white leather boots with fringe from the Payless Shoe Source that my Mum had bought me.)

Now, I wear them with jeans and leggings... And usually when walking about the neighborhood. I have been known to wear them with a suit for work, though. I love my red ones in particular. A washed-out red.

Men's Chanel J12 Watch

I have been craving a man's watch for about two years now. Specifically, the Chanel J12 watch. The gigantic face against a feminine and slender wrist is just lovely. No dainty feminine watches - thankyouverymuch! The cost of the thing is the one thing that has kept me from indulging in this fixation.

AnOther Magazine


I discovered this biannual magazine last Summer. It's thick and takes me months to actually getting around to finishing. And once I am done, I find myself revisiting the stack over time. It's a style gem! The pictorials are stunning. The pages a minimalist, but chockfull of insights on art, books, fashion, travel... So much!

Peet's Major Dickason's Coffee


I discovered this blend back in 2004 due to a work friend dragging me to the Peet's in Harvard Square.

I make two cups of this stuff every weekday morning I am in the Boston apartment. It's smooth and delicious.

Hmm... Maybe I should sneak an afternoon cup in?