Gypset Mindset.

I am apparently a gypsy. One with jet-setting aspirations. Which makes me an aspirational "gypsetter."

Let me explain how this revelation came about...

It was nearly five years ago, I had a designer at work review a blog design that I'd had a freelancer build for this blog. I wasn't really pleased with the final outlook of the design, and wanted the second opinion of another professional I knew.

"This doesn't represent you at all!" my friend said. "You're more of a gypsy! This doesn't represent you  at all!"

So I had her do a design for me, which is what you view today. (Though, I should probably reach out to her again. It is likely time to redo it.) I loved that she said I had a "gypsy" element to me. I hadn't really thought of myself as "gypsy" or "bohemian." But when I stood back and looked at my personal sartorial style, decorating, and lifestyle... I tended to be attracted to the slightly unconventional and off the known "norm."

"Gypset" is a term used to describe a group of people who live and work around the globe in a "wanderlust" and unconventional way. They don't do crazy things... Necessarily. It's more of a "luxurious, relaxed" approach to life that they have. They are nomads, in a way. Certainly not like the gypsy travelers you see on TV though! (EWW!) Typically they are freelancers or independent artists/designers/writers/creative types, and like to travel to quieter destinations (usually warm) to relax for weeks and weeks on end.

That sounds wonderful.



Julie Chaplin, the woman who came up with the term, has a few books out on the subject. After reading them, I definitely find myself yearning for a visit to Alto Paraiso, Brazil ... Byron Bay, Australia... Iquitos, Peru...

I aspire to be gypset!

I need to let go of the remaining uptight tendencies and just relax. I hold on to them mostly internally. Outwardly, I don't particularly project any of the inner dialogue I have that is consistently worried. Even when I ran a massive piece of business at an agency last year... I managed my team and my business with love (sappy, I know), an air of positivity, helpfulness and encouragement. But internally I was always focusing too much on carrying the load. And even now, I still carry it, even though I am supposed to be relaxed and chilling out.

I'm working hard to be of the belief that if you want to be something... You just decide to be it. There is no "working" towards it. You just start operating in that mindset.

And with that, I am dreaming of...

Alto Paraiso, Brazil

The Beatles - The Original Gypsetters

Gypset Chic - Scarves & Wide-Leg Pants

Bohemian Lounge

Gypsetter Village in the Amazon

Iquitos, Peru

Iquitos, Peru

Julie Chaplin - Gypsetter