I Am A Real Mexican!

I came across a recipe on Pinterest earlier this week that was for making your own tortillas.

Now, most people don't realize this... But I am half Mexican. And have quite the natural instinct for making Mexican food. And get quite nostalgic for Arizona when I am craving legitimate Mexican food. So far, I have found one place in Toronto that is good enough to call "Mexican." And probably one place in Boston as well. NYC had two places that were good enough to earn the "legitimate" stamp.

So, when I found the recipe for tortillas... And saw that it contained no lard in it, I jumped on attempting to make it. My chance to up my Mexican cooking cred!

"They may turn out horribly," I told myself, "but it's worth a shot!"

I had been planning to have Frogger over for dinner with The Husband here in town this weekend. So I knew the two of them would be the perfect guinea pigs for my cooking adventure. I decided I would make the homemade tortillas and carnitas (shredded slow-roasted pork) for dinner.

The tortillas turned out beautiful! Very rustic.

And I made salsa and guacamole from scratch too... Using cilantro, of course.

Beautiful pork butt, cubed, seasoned and ready to roast for a few hours.

The finished product on the table! I picked up a queso fresca (Mexican cheese) block to serve with the tacos.

My gorgeous guacamole and oven-roasted tomato salsa... Which turned out to be quite spicy and amazing!

I know have leftovers of everything but the guacamole. So I will be eating this meal for a few days. But trust me, I'm not complaining!

Now... To conquer making tamales.