I Wish I Wasn't So Unkempt & A Dust Magnet.

I wish... WISH... I could be one of those people who can wear white, have white furniture, have white bedding, white carpeting... and not get it dirty.

But I am not.

I learned a long time ago that I can not wear white jeans or pants. They inevitably get stained or dirtied up without my realizing how exactly I did it. I do wear white blouses... But always cover them up with some kind or cardigan or wrap when I do. And still, a coffee or sauce splash from dinner usually ends up on it... And I get the pleasure of trying to bleach or Tide Stick it out afterwards.

White bedding. Oh how I love the idea. And have executed on it, right after The Husband and I were married. We received gifts form our registry of white bedding. I had dreams of falling asleep each night and waking up each day wrapped in layers of cozy cotton white. My dreams were spoiled though by how easy it is to get into bed with dirty feet when you walk on hardwood floors all evening beforehand. The white bedding only lasted a year. Then it had to be tossed.

When we moved into the Toronto house, I somehow thought my ability to keep things clean would magically manifest.

Boy was I an eff-ing idiot.

Not even four months into living in the house, and I had acquired a lovely Nespresso stain on the creamy carpet in my office upstairs. (One that I am desperate to get out this weekend when I head up north.)

And for some reason, when choosing fabric for the formal living room furniture, I decided that an eggshell white would be the best way to go. So far (KNOCK ON WOOD), I haven't spilled anything on them. But that is because I stay the EFF out of the formal living room. It's a safe place for my in-laws to relax and read when they visit. And they're both incredibly tidy people. So I am grateful the room gets some use. I just can't take the risk.

But still... I dream of the simplicity of white. Especially after getting list on Pinterest for a few hours and coming across all of this... Swoon.