Loving Gillian Flynn. LOVING!

I'm not one to jump on the book trends easily.
  • Harry Potter. My mum had to buy the first Harry Potter book for me on CD so I could listen to it at the gym while I worked out in the evenings... Because, "It is such a great book! You have to at least listen to it!"I did. And soon gobbles up the other three books that were out at the time. And then became one of those freaks who lines up at the midnight release parties to score the other three books as they came out each time.
  • Twilight Saga. I hired a young woman named Adventurous Kate to work for me. She was reading these books at the time. I laughed at her. Then was convinced by her to go and pick them up to read myself because, "They are DISTURBING! Wait till you get to the FOURTH book!"The books didn't make us believers in some sappy-thrilling love story of some permanent teenagers. All that stuff we mocked about the books... No, it was the mocking we loved doing. And the part in the fourth book when Edward Cullen bites the baby out of Bella Swan Cullen's belly during labor. (SPOILER ALERT!)
  • Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Series. I can't stand reading these. I tried. I tried. I actually prefer to just watch the movies. The Swedish and American versions.
  • Fifty Shades of Grey. Another one I just could not get through. I downloaded the first book digitally. And found myself flipping past the poorly written sex scenes... And found myself reading about a young woman so dull and brainless. I then just read the plot summaries on Wikipedia to see how it all ends. Wasn't worth reading the actual books.
There are other "series" that I have read. But these are the most popular in recent times. And I am always "behind trend" on reading. Including with my latest round of books, which aren't a series.... But are all written by the same author: Gillian Flynn.

In the past month, I have read both Sharp Objects and Dark Places. I meant to read her most recent novel, Gone Girl, first... As everyone was yammering on about how great it was. But I saw Sharp Objects on a table in Barnes and Noble and decided to give that one a whirl. 

It was disturbing. And sucked me right into it.

The same thing happened with the one I finished this weekend, Dark Places. I could barely put that one down! Again, disturbing! I was immersed in the inner dialogue of the past and action of the present. 

Now, I have to pick up Gone Girl. I have to. I imagine it actually is as good as everyone says it is.