Seasonal Spring Flowers.

I have friends who taught me how to "eat seasonally" when it comes to fruits and veggies. The produce you buy tends to be more reasonably priced, and the quality is better.

Meyer Lemons in February till April are awesome. They're my favorite type of lemon, looking almost like an orange in color. But the texture of the skin and the taste are smooth. Strawberry season is pretty much upon us now, which is why you'll see the cost a little more reasonable at Whole Foods. Oranges are best in the Winter. Pears in the Fall. And apples too. Cherries are in season up in Canada now. Just another week or so, and you'll see them here too.

It's the same with flowers. And really, the only times to buy gorgeous and affordable flowers are in the Spring and Summer. Which is why I've had a lot of these in the past few weeks...

And up in Toronto this weekend, my absolute favorite flowers... Peonies!

I put these in a tall vase on a table in the entryway of my bedroom. (We had a guest over who was taking a tour of the house. I wanted to "stage" it properly.)

And then today in Boston at Whole Food, I saw these...

Lilacs! Very short season for this fragrant beauty! I may move the bouquet to my bedside table before going to sleep tonight. I would love to drift off to this scent while I can.

In each case of the flowers, I scooped up a bouquet for $10 and under. Try buying peonies in about a month or so? They might be a little more expensive. Tulips usually aren't too bad, but the quality of the bulb's petals gets noticeably dull the further out from Spring you get. And lilacs just won't be available in a few weeks. Period.

Late June/early July, you'll see me switch to hydrangea (which grow in my back garden in Toronto) and sunflowers. August will bring dahlias. And then I'll start to see limitations with what I will want by the time October starts to roll around.

Going to enjoy this all while I can!