Sibling Rivalry Closed?

What the...?

I posted on Twitter and the Facebook this weekend about this. However, I am still in shock!

I was out to dinner for our ninth anniversary with The Husband on Saturday night. After eating a delicious meal at Grill 23, we walked back to our hood.

"I know!" I said. "Let's pop in at Sibling Rivalry and have a cocktail at the bar!"

They have a cherry champagne cocktail on the bar menu that's just diamond... It's perfect for celebrating. I was so excited.  But as we got closer to the restaurant, I could see that the lights were out and that the bar stools were stacked.

"It's closed on a Saturday night?" I said.

The Husband was equally perplexed. We'd been coming to Sibling Rivalry for the past eight years - since we originally moved to the South End. Their menu wasn't as good as it had once been, but the bar was still divine. It was the perfect place for a cocktail, next to the Bristol Lounge at the Four Seasons or M Bar in the Mandarin.

Well, as I got to the front door of the restaurant, I got my reason for why it was closed on  Saturday night...

Yes. Not just closed for Saturday. Closed for good. FOR GOOD!

It apparently had closed about a week after my last visit there. I had no idea... And I live just down the street from the place. Searching online to see what the reasoning was, it appears no one really knows why. Everyone was equally surprised that it closed.