Summer Garden Ready. Pass The Row-zay Dahling!

The past two weekends I have been up in Toronto, The Husband and I have spent quite a bit of time in the back garden, getting things prepped for summer.

Last summer, sad to say, I spent almost NO time in Toronto. With a passport renewal and a lot of work travel, I didn't have much time to come to Toronto from NYC. But a good chunk of June and a few weekends and a whole week in July will be spent in Toronto this summer. So we're taking full advantage of our outdoor living space.

To prep, we've:

  • Cleaned the outdoor fridge.
  • Cleaned the grill.
  • Dug out the the flower bed and put in new soil and Impatiens (flowers).
  • Put new soil in the walled bed, so the hostas have some new soil to grow in, as well as added some Impatiens.
  • I've attempted (in the correct way) to plant hanging baskets... And happy to say they have survived a full two weeks at least! SUCCESS!
  • The outdoor furniture is out and the cushions are cleaned.

The flowers and hostas will continue to grow in over the next few weeks, as well as our hydrangea bushes will get fuller... But here's how things are looking now...

Going to be sitting on that couch.. Drinking rose the next time I am down in two weeks. Yep.  Clearly our hardwork has paid off!