The Purpose Of A Hash Tag.

Yes. I am guilty of being one of those people who uses hash tags in places beyond Twitter:

  • Facebook
  • Emails
  • Texts
  • Instant Messages
  • Pinterest Descriptions
  • Comments
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Graffiti Tagging
  • Tattoos
  • Google+

Kidding on the last three, of course. (Because despite my best efforts, I still always forget to use Google+!) For now, anyway. But the others, yep. I totally will use hash tags in them. And this seems to annoy the shiz out of people. Like, really annoy people.

I know... I know... Hash tags are meant to be used as a way to actively participate in trends in social media. When you post one in certain social platforms, a link is created allowing others to see who else may be talking about the topic. And while this is a great way to use them... But it's  not the only way I use them.

For me, it's more about expression.

I use hash tags as a way to quickly summarize a feeling (usually for humor purposes) at the end of an update post... Most often in Facebook, where the hash tag is not linked. For example...

See what I mean? Despite it not being linked, it's just a way for me to add a quick little thought to my status. Contrasting what this same post looks like on Twitter...

Ohh! A little blue link!

I rarely click on the trending links in Twitter or other social media. The only time I might is when I am watching something on TV and want to see what others are saying about it in a live stream.

For me though, the hash tag is most often about expression. Not about trends. Hopefully that helps clear it up for people who get mad when I use them differently than their original purpose.

Digital evolution isn't a bad thing, people.