Workspace Issue: Why Face A Wall?

I don't understand the desire to face a wall when you work.

One thing I absolutely hate are cubicles. There is no need for them. And jobs where I have been assigned one to sit in, well, I pick up my laptop and constantly move around throughout the office to work... Just to avoid having to sit in one.

Open concept... No walls. Preferably, no offices for anyone. Lots of light pouring across every desk and computer screen. Open conversations and collaboration happening. Ideas being shared. Collegiality being strengthened. I feel like when an office is set up in an open environment like this, it lends itself to loyalty from employees and a low attrition rate. Everything feels more transparent.

This idea of "openness" extends to even home workspaces. Why would you want to sit and stare directly at a wall while working? I feel as though it blocks your creativity. Prevents you from exploring your mind for whatever you're trying to work on at the moment.

It confuses me every time I'm on my favorite "time suck" (Pinterest - duh!) and come across a workspace that someone is coveting and see it is facing a wall. Here are some of the ones I keep seeing repeatedly pinned: