Alkalized Water Pitcher: Santevia.

Three years ago, before I went away to yoga teacher training, I was seeing a fantastic naturopathic doctor in Toronto. She did a series of blood tests on me and found my body to be very acidic. This was no surprise to me, given the stuff I ate and drank. She gave me a full list of foods that the tests found my blood (and therefore, body) to be intolerant to.

Not "allergic." Just "intolerant."

The idea was that if I cut the foods that were making my body acidic out for about 90 days, I could them start to reincorporate them back into my diet. It was like giving the body a reboot. And it was difficult to do. I tried a little. But it's hard giving up coffee and spicy foods when those are the things you love most.

While away at teacher training, I met people who took the idea of an "acidic body" very seriously. And one of them introduced me to alkalized water. It's water that has been filtered well enough so that the PH is brought up, making what you drink help alkalize the body. When you walk around with a "too-acidic" body, you get things like:

  • Acid Reflux
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Lower Body Temperature
  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • And more

One person had a special water filter that allowed them to alkalize their drinking water. I tried some, and it tasted very clean. But after I left training, I never thought about it again. Until I was in Toronto this weekend and saw this on sale at the Whole Foods near my house...

It's the water pitcher!

By Santevia, it works just like a Brita pitcher from a functionality stand-point. Water goes in and is dripped through a filter that you replace every few months. So I picked one up and threw it in my bag to bring home to Boston. It was $50 for the pitched ($CAD) and it comes with one filter.

You can get it online through Amazon or the Santevia website. There are also a few stores here in Boston that do carry it.

As soon as I got it home, I cleaned it and put it together for use...

Tastes really pure. Just like Fiji bottled water. There is no slight aftertaste of anything at all. I'm going to start using it for all my hydration needs.