Dinner Party For Five.

Most of my weekends as of late have been spent in Toronto. This was the first weekend in a while where The Husband and I were both going to be in Boston. And now that I have an awesome communal table in the Boston apartment, we decided it was time to throw a dinner party.

So grown up!

I spent all day cooking. And even made some last minute changes based on ingredients I found in my fridge... Like these black olives and rosemary.

I ended up grinding these into a pesto and rubbing it on one of the two chickens I roasted. I pulled the skin of the chicken back and rubbed this underneath.

And because I had been going on about it all week, I made my Beach Salad recipe...

A big hit! Everyone loved it.

And because it's still in season, everyone loves it and its easy to make...

Asparagus with lemon and rosemary.

I originally was going to roast two chickens, both with just lemon.  But the black olives I found made it easy to keep things interesting. Both chickens turned out  great. Roasting a chicken is one of the easiest things to do.

And one of my two favorite parts of the meal... The Polenta with Herbs!

I found this recipe on Pinterest. You're supposed to serve it with poached eggs over the top. But because it was dinner, I decided to forgo that. It was my first time ever making polenta... So I wanted to focus on making it without lumps, rather than also worrying about poaching five perfect eggs.

Also gathered from Pinterest for this meal was the dessert recipe. I made Salted Lavender Honey Pie.

It required me to make lavender sugar by grinding sugar with lavender buds. It smelled heavenly. And when I served it, I made fresh whipped cream to top it. (The funniest part of the meal was seeing the surprised look on one of my guests as I dumped heavy cream in a bowl and pulled out a whisk.  "You're really going to whip it yourself?" he asked.)

Indeed I did.

It was an easy clean-up. And lots of great conversation was happening throughout the meal. I will absolutely be doing one of these again. And my guests brought some fantastic wines to drink.

In fact, one of them brought a great bottle of prosecco... Which I felt obligated to finish after they all had left. I mean, when you have a sparkling wine, it's difficult to preserve it for a later occasion. Once you open it, you kind of have to finish it.

So needless to say... I went to bed very buzzed. But no worries... It made waking up to this even more necessary...

Leftover polenta and herbs WITH poached eggs! A kick-ass breakfast!

Here are all of the recipes I used: