Warby Parker Glasses.

After three years, it was time to get the old eyes checked out (after all, they are a '77 vintage and therefore precious). As I was looking up local optometrists in Boston, I saw one on Newbury Street.  And they were associated with something that caused a burst of enthusiasm and girlie squealing to emanate from my lips.

I hadn't realized this brand had opened a store in Boston. It was very brand new, arriving just a few weeks earlier in May. Prior to that, you had to go to NYC to look at their collection of funky and awesome frames... Or you could simply order them online.

In fact, ordering them online was what I was originally planning to do after I had my new prescription. But now, I didn't have to do that. I could go to the doctor, and try on new frames all in one sitting.

A quick trip, and I had my new frames ordered. They were relatively inexpensive, so I even ordered prescription SUNNIES for the first time in my life. Now I don't always have to wear contacts if I am out running errands. I can be a four-eyes all the time!

For the sunnies, I wanted some big frames. I am adamant about protecting the skin around my eyes and then some... So I got the Spencer style in black.

And I went with the Crane frames in a tortoiseshell color for my main specs.

All-in, the eye exam, and both pairs of glasses cost me less than $500. Had I used insurance, it would have been less. The frames at WP are usually $99, with the lenses. The sunnies start at $150 for prescription. But because I am so blind, I had them put in thinned-out versions of my prescription so they weren't so thick.

I'm digging the nerdy-ness!