We Have A Problem With Sheeting.

For reasons I won't go into, my husband and I had a rule this week about our bed...

"No sleeping in it. Sleep on the couch. Wait till I get back to Toronto on the weekend to begin sleeping in the bed again."

He agreed. As we need the bed to look pristine. And, well, is bed-making skills - while overall good - are sometimes lacking in detail.

So, when I came in to the city today, I walked upstairs to put something away, and I noticed the bed wasn't how I left it Tuesday morning this week...

There was a sliver of sheet poking out from under the cover.

"That's not how I left you!" I said.

All sheets were tucked in and smooth. Had I not gone to open the window on his side of the bed, I wouldn't have noticed the sheet sticking out... As the rest of the bed was very neat. No wrinkles on top. The cover was evenly distributed.

There really wasn't anything for me to complain about, as he was fairly meticulous. He knows me well. He know me well enough to cover most of the evidence.

Still, for my own torturous humor, I decided to send him an email letting him know he was "busted." And for good measure, in case he tried to deny my anal retentive inspection, I took a picture and sent it to him.

He admitted straight away, and argued back with a legitimate defense. (Good for him. That's the spirit! Don't take that crap from me!) He agreed that he had overlooked that section. But that I should give him credit for the outstanding job he did otherwise.

I agreed.

In case you were wondering, when The Husband and I "fight" (which I don't even know if you can call it that), we never yell. I don't personally believe in wasting the energy yelling. I like discussions. Heated? Sure. But there's no need to yell. We tend to work things out logically.

I feel it is how Spock would argue with his wife.

But I bet Spock would make a bed logically and know how to spot the sliver of sheet sticking out.