July: Traveled. Took A Job. Sold My House. And Went To London.

Writing in July was impossible for me. I was so busy.

So very incredibly busy. A lot of travel.

It started off with me traveling to Arizona to spend a week with my family in the mountains for Show Low. It was a great time. Followed by a week in Toronto...

Toronto... Something we've kept quiet for a few months.

Back in April, after spending a week together in Providenciales, The Husband surprised me with the decision to ask his work to relocate him back to Boston. Of course I was grateful and excited... As I made the decision that Boston was my home last summer. So was Toronto. But Boston more. And while I was willing to fly back every weekend to see him in Toronto, he decided it wasn't good enough for him. So he got the approval and in mid-June, put our house on the market.

What an entertaining process that has been!

We had a number of people look at our house. Everyone said great things about it. And everyone thought it was priced well.  But no one made an offer. (Well, one couple did. But it wasn't one we felt worth even entertaining.) 

"We're both working," I said to The Husband during the week I was there. "So don't worry. It will sell when it sells. It's only been a month."

A few days later, we got a great offer and sold it. The deal is finalized and we close in October. This is good timing, as The Husband will be in Boston full time by then.

The day after we got the offer on our house, I started my new job here in Boston. Much to many people's surprise (including my own and a patient recruiter that I had been working with casually), I took a job brand side (meaning "non-agency") at a company here in Boston. I'm three weeks in now, and am feeling pretty happy about the decision. It's been a very productive three weeks. One of which sent me to London.


Yes... The only reasons I ever go to London are for business. And I knew this past week (when I went) would be exhausting. I was coming back from 48 hours in Toronto to travel three hours outside the city for a wedding... And had to hop on a plane the next morning at 6:45am to go to London. This trip brought me to a new neighborhood I hadn't been in before: Shoreditch. 

It's a funky area. Very hipster. Very start-up. Very fun. Great coffee shops. The trip was productive work-wise. And I felt really good about the company and what we're doing. 

So I apologize for the lack of writing... Only one post in all of July! But a lot of major changes and travel this past month. And I am starting to feel better about my work-life balance - which I hadn't in about four-ish years. And it seems that things are coming together nicely. (Knock on wood!)

So more frequent posts form here on out. Promise.

Pictures from my walk around the neighborhood...

Luke and his father "playing."

The small cafe I would go to every day. Discovered it on my walk to the office. Hidden on a small street.

I love it! A store that knows how to advertise with a message specifically for me!

Pop-up shop stalls near the subway. My company has one too.