McQueen Scarf.

The plan was to be good. And it was impossible to not be good - or so I had thought.

While in London, I was "busy busy." I managed to sneak in a last minute 8pm Bikram class at a studio nearby my hotel. But other than that, I had dinners and meetings all day each day. So I knew I would have no time for shopping or craziness. And I had timed my arrival to the airport the afternoon of my flight back to the states to really only allow me time to get through security, grab a snack for the plane and pee before getting on the flight.

Careful planning is quaint idea, as I learned.

I left for the airport three hours before my flight was scheduled to leave. It took me a full hour to get to the airport in a cab.

"This is excellent timing on my part!" I said to myself, as I got out of my cab. As it left little time to get into trouble.

But when I got into the airport, and saw where I was 10 minutes later, I realized I was screwed.

It took me only 10 minutes to get from the curb to the other side of security. This left a whole hour to kill before my flight began boarding.


Heathrow Airport, Terminal 4 at least, is just too efficient! I had a mobile boarding pass, and was able to quickly scan it in the entrance gates. Someone was there to immediately to verify my pass port. About five people attacked me with a reminder to take my plastic bag of liquids out of my bag, even though I had it in my hand already. The security check points were plenty. And bins were ready for my stuff to be thrown in them. Everything was so smooth. Busy and packed. But smooth.

I distracted myself with some lunch at a restaurant. But again, British efficiency kicked in as I was done and all paid 30 minutes later. So I got up form the table and began to walk throughout the terminal.

"You can just walk and not touch anything," I coached myself.

Well, I made it about 20 minutes. As I got towards my gate, I had to stop into the Alexander McQueen shop in the terminal. Just to look... I didn't need any new skull scarves. I have two I bought five years ago. And I love them. But I was afraid the bags or cuffs would lure me into danger.

"May I assist you, madam?" asked the shop assistant.

"Oh no," I said. "I'm just peeking before I have to catch my flight to Newark. But thank you."

I was going to be able to do this. Even though there were beautiful things... Translucent and colorful skull scarves knotted around bars on the wall. Skulled cuffs and winding bangles in the glass display case in front of me - which had light bouncing off the top... "Oh! Shiny!"

But I was McQueen satiated. I didn't need any of it. I was "all set." Then I turned around and saw the clothing rack that was behind me.

"Bloody hell!" I said. Out loud.

Folded neatly and hanging was a soft wool scarf. Grey with a black felt skull - a single one. It looked long and wide.

"How much is that?" I asked the assistant.

She told me it was on sale. And was the last one she had. And it was very well priced. And duty free! I said, "I'll take it!"

Impulse purchase! But a good one...

I quickly threw down my Amex, watched her process the card, grabbed my scarf and jetted to my gate. They had just started calling the groups to board. I was in the last one, so I was rushed, but not late.

"Madam! Madam!"

I turned around. It was the shop assistant with my card in her hands. I had been so rushed to make the purchase and get to my gate that I had left it behind. I thanked her, and she wished me a happy flight.

A happy flight it was.