"You're A Beautiful Piece Of Marble."

I felt like she was referring to a scene in Twilight, where Bella Swan is seeing Edward Cullen's torso for the first time... And references how stunning and stone-like a vampire's skin seems.

"You have great muscle tone," she said. "But your muscles appear to be working in one large group, rather than individually."

"She" was a new massage therapist I was seeing at the urging of my acupuncturist and trainer. For months now I have had issues with strain in my left knee. It's not from a bone problem, thank god. It's the tendons and muscles. They're strained. And it makes doing any squats or knee bends really painful. The only thing than can really heal it is rest... Or so I thought.

"You should have the massage therapist do some bodywork on it," said my acupuncturist.

"She'll do wonders for you and it will hurt," said my trainer.

Awesome, I thought.

But I was willing to try anything.

In just over an hour, the massage therapist could tell how I use my body just by digging into my muscles. It hurt a little, but wasn't crazy painful. She was able to deduce for me that my gluteal muscles and calf muscles are not working properly. There's a weakness somewhere along the outside of my leg... And it's meeting at the knee for compensation.

"You need to roll on these muscles every," she said. "Loosen things up. Get a massage roller too and roll your IT band with it while sitting down."

That's one of these things...

It hurts like crazy to use properly. But it's great at really working into the knots and loosening things up.

I used to think these things were silly, and would laugh when I saw others using them. But now I know... It's more silly to think that having muscles as "beautiful as marble" like a vampire.