Surrendering My Vagina Credentials.

I always registered myself as a very, incredibly girly person. Silly girly. But now I am doubting that.

I spent most of the day in bed being sick, and as a result I got through one book I'd been trying to finish for a few weeks. And I remembered another book I had downloaded last week to my iPad, but hadn't started yet.

So after an evening of being girly (painting my toe nails, taking a bubble bath, putting a conditioning mask in my hair), I crawled into bed early to start the book and fall asleep.

The book was a continuation of a story I had read back in my early twenties. And I loved it. Read it a few times. But haven't picked it up to read in about 8 years or so. And felt nostalgic and excited to read the next story in the series...

Yes... It's the third Bridget Jones book. I downloaded it, got through the first section... And decided it wasn't for me.

"Is this seriously the crap I used to read in my early twenties?" I asked myself.  A quick glance at my books on my bookshelf in my home office validated that question. I indeed had very bad taste in books in my twenties. But this was all the stuff that was the rage back then. And while I would get the obligatory eye roll from my then boyfriend (and future husband) about needing to read the books and see any associated movies of them, I was proud to be so girlie.

Now, it makes my feelings hurt. And I fear I may have to surrender my credentials as a woman for finding this series "silly-lame," rather than "silly-quirky" as I used to.

This is all in good humor, of course. I know it's perfectly okay to not like this series and still be very girlie and silly. I just can't believe - though - that I liked this crap once upon a time.