To The Jungle.

It's clearly a time for resetting some things in my life. Both Human and my friends all agree that some travel will do me some good to gain perspective on life, as well as allow me to focus on what I should be directing my energy towards.


Well, I have been all sorts of overwhelmed for quite a while. And if those who know me best say I need to travel... Who am I to disagree with them? Hence, the reason I have booked the following trips:

  • Iceland
  • NYC (A quick trip to see Book of Mormon as well as - hopefully - Woody Allen's jazz trio)
  • Iquitos, Peru

The last one on the list is happening in late January. And may include a trip afterwards to Machu Picchu (still deciding). But it's the one that I am most excited about, and have been dreaming about for months now.

What is in Iquitos?

The jungle. It's the Amazon. And I am going to a retreat where there is no wifi and mobile service. And I will be spending seven days there. Seven days in a group with a shaman. Learning about the jungle and shamanism. Hiking. Swimming. 

A trip completely unlike anything I have done before! Am I crazy?

No... Just challenging myself.

Now to figure out which vaccines I will need to get...