Winter Is Coming.

I've wanted to do some solo traveling for a few years now. And I am looking at taking off for a few months next year and spending a ton of time traveling the world. But before I go leaping into such an adventure, I decided to take a trip not too far by myself. And as part of a guided tour.

But where could I go that's close to Boston that I haven't already been to that wasn't for work? 


But not just any Iceland trip would do. Absolutely not. I - in true nerd fashion - decided to kick it up and book myself on the Game of Thrones - Beyond the Wall - Tour.


I've been wanting to head to Reykjavik to explore the hot springs and Northern Lights for quite some time. I had researched and saw that people recommended seeing the Northern Lights close to the solstices... Which meant booking a trip to go there for next month, or waiting till next Summer.

I opted for next month.

Very excited! I am all booked... From flights to hotels, to special tours. And my former work colleague - Adventurous Kate - recommended that I visit the Blue Lagoon on the way BACK to the airport... 

"It's far from Reykjavik but next to the airport. And flights to the US depart in the afternoon," she said.

I'm sold!

Prepare for lots of pictures, people!  I get to see where Ygritte convinced Jon Snow to break his vows in the hot springs cave! And I am sure there will be lots of other awesome things to shoot.  :)