"You Have The World At Your Feet. Literally."

A conversation from earlier today...

Me: "This is scary! I am forcing myself into unemployment... And ripping up the ground below me to be curious and directionless on purpose."

My Friend: "But you are going to have the world at your feet. Literally."

I can't speak for everyone... But for me - having had a complete life change in the past eight weeks - I feel this sense of "now is the time." Time to do all of the things I've had whispering in the back of mind. The biggest whispers are for traveling to the places I've daydreamed about over the past few years. 

"There's nothing holding you back from traveling now," Human pointed out to me a few weeks ago.

Well, there was one thing. My job. A great job. But even a great job couldn't quiet my mind from wanting two things:

  • To move back west (either Arizona or California).
  • To travel the world before I do it.

So I gave notice at my job. And began booking trips. Trips to places I've never been but have sounded amazing.  So I came up with a plan: Take trips in single states, returning to Boston in between, for the next seven months. Then move to the West.

I will take the time on my trips to think about where I see myself living between the two states. And I won't allow myself to be lured by a job. This time, I'd move specifically for quality of life. Not because a great job was being dangled. 

And here is where I landed with my plan:

December: Iceland, NYC & Arizona

January: Antarctica, San Diego & Peru

February: Asia & Australia?

March: South Africa

April: Greece

May/June: Europe (weeks on end)

July/August: Move west.

See? Just looking at the plan scary. But also exciting. So much travel. Most of it solo - as right now just Greece is a group trip with friends. It's the solo part that has me excited. It's the being out of work for so long that is scary.

"You are never going to have thing kind of freedom to do this ever again. So you might as well do it now. Another job will come when you're ready," multiple people pointed out to me. 

Even people at my company told me I was doing the best thing. 

So I guess it is indeed time. Time for that adventure.