Heating Things Up.

My need for adventures (as of late) has taken a "local" turn... I finally found my balls today and did something I had been wanting to do for a while now...

I made fire.

I've lived in a places for the past nine years that have always had fire places. My first walk-up in Boston had one. We lived there for four years and never lit a fire. I wanted to a few times... But was advised against it because "fire places can get messy, and why bother?" 

Then in Toronto, I had two gas fire places. One was in the family room. The other was in the bedroom. in Winter, I would flip the switch to turn on the one in the family room. But I was never allowed to keep it on for long because "it cranks up the gas bill." With the one in the bedroom, it was decided to blow out the pilot light because of paranoia. "Should we really be sleeping in a room with a lit gas line?" The argument made sense to me at the time. Now I see it was just silly.

So when I moved into my Boston apartment over a year ago, the small fire place didn't see accessible for lighting fires. The previous renters had placed a candelabra with tea lights in it. It never occurred to me that you could light an actual fire in it. I mean, it's a very small fire place.

But I was telling a friend about the fire place recently.

"Oh you should try lighting a fire," he said. I explained that I didn't think it was a real working fire place. He advised me to "check to see if the flue is open." 

I didn't even know what a flue was. So I asked my landlord. He confirmed it was a real fire place. And that the flue should be open. And tonight, after a conversation with another friend on how to start a fire in the place, I got one lit!


Now I want to do this at least a few times a week. It was so easy!

The learning never end in life. You can't stop progress,