Iceland: There's Some Eff-ed Up Shiz With Kids & Christmas Here.

One of the things I learned this trip to Iceland was about Santa.

In Iceland, they have 13 Santas. Yes, 13. A "baker's dozen." They call them the "Yule Lads."

The legend of how these Yule Lads came to be is that their mum is a troll. A very evil one. As is their dad. The Yule Lads are pranksters. And they are also meant to reward or punish children who are good or misbehave.

If you are good, each of the 13 nights of Christmas - when you put your shoe on the windowsill, you get a treat. Could be chocolate. Could be a toy.  If you are misbehaved, though, you get a raw potato.

Doesn't sound so bad, does it? Well, there's more.

In order to get the children to behave, mums and dads tell the kids that if they are rotten, the Yule Lads will bring the back to their troll mum... Where she will use the children in a soup for a meal! Because everyone knows trolls like children.


And the "scarring children for life with threats of cannibalizing" doesn't stop there! These Yule Lads sometimes roll out with the Yule Cat... Who likes to eat children who DO NOT receive clothing for Christmas.

Yeah... You got that right. What kid wants clothes for Christmas anyway? And if he's good, gets a bunch of toys and no clothes... The cat gets to eat them?

Eff that.

I did meet one of the Yule Lads while here though...

I had been hoping he was the Hotdog Santa (who likes to steal hotdogs and sausages). But this one was allegedly Window Peeper Santa.

The perv!

But seriously... I have all of these friends who keep posting about the whole Elf on the Shelf thing that they use to get their kids to behave around Christmas. That's so weak compared to this!!!

It may be effed up... But at least Iceland is kicking it up to 11 when it comes to scaring kids into behaving at Christmas!