Sur La Table Tamale Making Class.

Tonight I tried something new...

I took my first ever cooking class! (Unless you count the two years of Home Economics that I took in junior high. I am a pretty good cake decorator, thankyouverymuchbetch!) The class tonight was at Sur La Table in the Copley Mall. And we made tamales!

Gorgeous, huh?

I took so many pictures. Too many to really even include in this post.  I grew up in Arizona, with a grandmother and aunt who knew would make these every year. I never learned though. How sad, huh? 

A Mexican girl moves to the Northeast and takes a class in making tamales in Boston.

In the class, we started from the beginning with making the dough from masa...

And then spreading that onto soaked corn husks.

We layered on various fillings (veggie, pork or chicken)...

And stacked them in a large pasta pot with a small amount of water at the bottom (not in touching distance of the tamales) to steam.

After about 30 to 45 minutes, we pulled them out and topped them with the various sauces we had created...

So amazing and not intimidating to make at all! They are labor-intensive. There are many steps. But the actual crafting of the tamale was not too difficult once you had done a few.

Could I see myself making these myself?

You bet. Absolutely.

And even more... I see myself booking another class at Sur La Table. It was very fun! And I knew no one going into it!