"The Year Of No Expectations."

It's been a busy year. I called it "The Year of No Expectations" because I wanted to roll with whatever unfolded before me in life. I didn't want to push too hard in one direction or another, but rather let life happen and just react to it.

And react, I did!

Where my year started and where it ended is completely opposite from where, looking back, I would have thought it would end up. It's been a transitional year, for sure. It was time to make decisions to actively change my life, in the hopes of being able to grow creatively and passionately in 2014.

My only expectation for the new year is that I allow my curiosity to continue to drive me forward. I'm not going to worry about anything materially. I'm not going to spend my energy chasing a job. I'm not going to allow people to persuade me to be any place specific.

It's going to be all about me fulfilling the interests that I want to pursue.

I am going to be spending a good portion of the first half of the year being a bit of a nomad. In the second half of the year, the plan is to settle out west. Where? No idea yet. But some place warmer.

Much warmer. Year round.

Or not! This is just what I am thinking right now, and have been thinking for the past four months. But I am open to it changing.
I guess you could say 2014 will be about defining "home" for myself. 
For the majority of my life, the idea of "home" has been defined largely by others. I started to change that about two years ago. But even then, it was tethered to the expectations of myself and others. I want to spend the next six months (at least) spending so much time away from my defined "home" so that I can better envision what I want home to feel like.

(Here is a photo I took from the front porch of my childhood home in Arizona.)

I hope you all have wonderful versions of "home" in which to celebrate your new year! Be safe. Make good choices. And drink something French! Or Italian (Prosecco). Or Spanish (Cava).

Happy New Year!