This Ain't An "Eat, Pray, Love" BS Thing.

I was telling someone the other day about all the changes in my life recently. And that my plan is to finally travel and hit the places I've always wanted to for years, then decide where I want to move.

"WOW!" they said to me. "That is so cool! It's just like Julia Roberts in that 'Eat, Pray, Love' movie! And maybe you'll end up with Javier Bardem at the end too. Or a lookalike!"

Um. No. No. No. I cringed when she said that to me.

Don't get me wrong. I read "Eat, Pray, Love" about six years ago and really enjoyed it. The movie though... Not at all. And to be honest -  I think I am one of the few females on the planet who only mildly finds Javier Bardem attractive.

Sure, there are coincidences in my plan and the main character in the story... Newly single woman, traveling the world to fulfill their curiosity about different cultures, looking to breakaway from the everyday noise of their regular lives... And hopefully to get some writing done. But the movie at least (not as much in the book) there was a tone of "finding the self." And that's not what I'm looking to do with this adventure.

And I'm not looking to date anytime soon. Certainly not while I travel.

The main driving force behind all of these travel plans is to fulfill that 52 Week travel dream I've had in my head for a few years. There is truly nothing preventing me from going after it now.

"When else are you going to have the means and time - which you have to make - to do this kind of thing?" asked Human. (Excellent point, good buddy.)

So there you have it. The main thing igniting this travel is the time I have now. The one commitment I am focusing on for the next six and a half months is going to be to the one to myself to see the world. To my dream. Everything else will just have to fall in place around it. Or fall away.

This morning I spent a chunk of time drafting my wall with what my travels look like...

Plenty of space to fill in still. Yesterday I booked in a week in Bordeaux for a Culinary and Wine tour. December and January are very booked up right now. I am eyeing some more trips to take in February - thinking Fiji or Asia, possibly.

And the second half of March is still open, as is April... Costa Rica? Australia?  May and June will be exclusively for Europe. All over Europe.

So, okay... Maybe it is a bit like the book "Eat, Pray, Love." But I very much promise you there will be no Javier Bardem or love story coming out of this.