Wearable Technology: A Very Special Package Has Arrived...

Last week, someone in my network reached out asking if there was any interest in trying out a new piece of wearable technology.

I thought it could be quite useful for my upcoming travels... Especially Antarctica! So I said I was interested, and he sent me an invite.

I signed up, did the necessary steps, and less than 48 hours later it arrived...

Not sure what it is? Here you go...

It's a Google Glass!

While I don't have an Android phone - which would allow me to pull from the data when not connected to WiFi and also call people - I can still use it to take photos and videos when not connected.

This may be the thing that pushes me to branch away from iPhone. But I'm not ready to make that leap yet.  :)

When I do wear them outside the apartment, I will wear them with the sun shades...

All in an effort to look slightly less conspicuous and "douche baggy."

How "douche baggy" does one look wearing these?

Check it out!

There is no way I am ready to wear them like this in public. 

So far, I've used them to take some pictures and send some emails. They're very cool.