World Tour: Iceland Game Of Thrones Tour.


My sleep cycle is way off, and found me up late trying to get to sleep. And it was important that I get my rest, as today was  "Game of Thrones" Day for me here in Iceland.


When I was researching a trip to Iceland, I was thinking it would be great to hit the Blue Lagoon and see the Northern Lights. But when I searched in the mighty Google, the Big G had an ad running for this "Game of Thrones" tour. So I booked it, pretty much without knowing what to expect.

What I quickly learned, after receiving my booked itinerary, was that I would be spending two days in Northern Iceland in order to visit the locations for where scenes from the show were actually filmed. 


So here are a few shots from my day...

The Godafoss Falls.

The Godafoss Falls.

 The Godafoss Falls.

One of the volcano formations.

A more majestic volcano formation.

Crawling down inside the cave where Ygritte takes John Snow.

The thermal spring cave underground where Ygritte John Snow to break his vow.

Looking back up out of the cave, you can see how steep, dark and snowed-over everything was. 

The split between the plate in the Earth.

Sulphur springs.

Lunchtime shot, encouraged by the tour leader.

Seeing the Moon rise so early over the mountains. This was at about 3:30pm.

The thermal baths at Mytvan Nature Baths.

The tour was fantastic. There was quit e a bot of insider knowledge on the shooting of the series here. And there was a lot of "theory" discussion amongst the group as to what is happening on the show. I'm grateful I discovered this tour, as it got me out of Reykjavik. Northern Iceland is so pretty. I think everyone should see it. And the Mytvan Nature Baths were my favorite thing so far. What a great way to lull yourself to bed than a good soak in thermal water!