World Tour: In Arizona... "Can I Drive? PLEASE?!?!?!"

Today's travel adventure brings me home to Southern Arizona, for the holidays.

After flying through two airports, I landed in Tucson in the early afternoon. As soon as I spotted my dad by the car, the first thing I asked was, "Can I drive? PLEASE!?!?!?!"

He laughed and handed me the keys, then got into the passenger side.

Because I have lived in major urban Northeastern cities for the past 14 years, I've not driven a car too often. I haven't owned a car since early 2000. And the last time I remember actually getting behind the wheel of a vehicle and driving was in maybe 2009? Possibly 2008?

So, my driving skills - as you can imagine - are not fresh. But Arizona is one of the easiest places in the world to drive. So the near hour drive to the small town where I grew up was easy.

I'll be here till Christmas day, then I head back to Boston.

It's very pretty here. I'm surrounded by mountains in the distance. And the sky is very open. While out on a walk I was able capture a pretty site with my new Google Glass...

Those are mountains in the distance, with the clouds covering them. Very pretty. Slightly cold here.