World Tour: Into The Drake Passage.

As I write this, it's first evening on the expedition ship. So far, so good. I have my Sea Bands on my wrists. And I have just taken a tablet of Dramamine to help lull me to sleep... Along with the rocking ship.


Tonight, the ship heads out from land - no longer surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery. And we head into Drake Passage. Our expedition leader, Shane, has already prepped us that reports today show the area is pretty choppy. So it should make for some awesome rocking to sleep!

(That's the spirit, Heather.)

Everyone is very nice so far. And there are a lot of people who have booked solo passage or are traveling alone and sharing a room on board. So making friends has been quite easy.

And... Drinks on board are cheaper than they are in Boston! Less than $6 for a glass of wine? YEEHAW! I'm used to paying $10 more per glass.

Anyway... that's it for tonight. More to come in the following days. It's proving difficult to post photos, because the Internet on board is very slow. But I promise to post them when I can.