World Tour: The Long Journey South.

It took quite bit of strategic planning... But it started with a vision. A vision of being free from checking baggage!

There was doubt - not from me, but from others - that I could achieve this vision. But balancing what I needed versus what I wanted ended up being easy.  And... Voila!

This is my pack for the long journey south to Antarctica. I have three flights to take:
Boston > Miami > Buenos Aires > Ushuaia
By 3pm Boston time tomorrow, I shall have (hopefully) reached Ushuaia, Argentina. I board my ship, the Ocean Diamond, on Sunday afternoon. So I get a whole day in Ushuaia, and have yet to plan exactly what I am going to do there.

I'm envisioning it will involve steak and red wine.  :)

I'm not sure how much access I will have to Internet once on board the ship. So posting may be non-existent once I set sail. But trust me, there will be plenty documented and written while away. And many posts will be published once back.

Wish me luck!