World Tour: A Nostalgic Visit In NYC.

About a Baker's Dozen of years ago, I worked in a townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. My job was to cater to brides in the neighborhood, waiting on them as they browsed china patterns and thread counts for bedding... All to put together their bridal registries.

My job was as the weekend assistant to the consultants that worked full time.  I was a shop girl.

The job was for extra cash on the weekend, away from my weekday job in public relations. Working at the shop brought me all the way from Williamsburg Brooklyn up to just steps away from Central Park, and next to a wonderful cafe next door on 73rd Street at Madison Avenue.

This morning, I went and visited this old haunt...

The park. Blanketed in snow. It never looks anything but gorgeous... Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall.

This is from Via Quadronno, a charming Italian cafe. I settled in for some journal writing, a double cappuccino and an almond croissant.

Heaven! Nostalgic heaven!